miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

The origin of the wine in the Old Persia

A funny and illustrative tale about the origin of the wine coming from times of the Great Persia (Iran today), when Jemshed became king. In that times the product from the grapevine was kept into goat skin-bags. The broth inside ferment. Once the king tested the fermented juice, then he got a stomach-ache. So, skin-bags were labeled as poison by Jemshed command. Time after, a wife from his harem was sad because she had lost the favor of her king. She fall down in a deep depression and decided commit suicide by herself. So, she drank the poison using a jar from the goat bags. By then, the juice had fermented enough. Far away of commit suicide she was in an euphoric state as never before. The king founded her happy into the gates of delirium. So, she recovered her high-status in the harem and the unconditional favor of her king.